Why WordPress?

May 5, 2019

This is not the first WordPress website I have built. Actually, my previous personal website was a WordPress website as well.

Custom CMS

I think it is awesome to have a platform that handles all the logic and all the difficult parts of a CMS for you. Sure I could build one myself in a couple of days. But then I have to rebuild a lot of the same functionality as WordPress offers. Not only that but I just want something that just works. Is easy to change in the future. For me, it is important to always get my site updated at any point. If had built a custom interface and something was missing. I first had to be implementing everything before I could post a new Blog, add a new Project,…


WordPress is something I rolled into. I had a project for “Wijkwerking Mariaburg” they had an old website that needed to be updated with some new features. The design did not change but the complete website was rebuild, all that while still making sure the old posts and media were not lost. Because they were using WordPress there was no need for me to look into another framework for my website.

What about WordPress itself?

I found it very easy to pick up. I had done some Laravel development (1 backend) with PHP but that was all. The WordPress structure was very easy to understand while you could make it as complex as you wanted. Just because there are a lot of functions provided by the framework does not mean you have to use all of them.

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