My first meetup talk

May 22, 2019

I love learning new stuff and new technologies. That is why conferences and presentations are a perfect way to learn something new but also to meet new people.


When I started working, at icapps, my first conference ever was Droidcon Londen 2017. I attended all kinds of talks that were very interesting. From highly technical to funny talks with Romain Guy & Chet Haase. I learned a lot from those talks and at this point, I am even using a library that was presented at Droidcon Londen 2017.

Public Speaking

At the beginning of 2019, I set myself a goal to get better at public speaking because it is perfect to share your knowledge with other people while learning a new skill. In high school, I did a lot of presentations and I really hated it. That is why I had to find a topic that I was very passionate about. At that point, I was experimenting with Flutter and I thought it would be nice to share my insights with my colleagues at icapps. So I did my first presentation at icapps about Flutter. This was just an introduction to the whole company so everybody could get an idea of what it was and what it does. I talked about how I started working with Flutter and how I thought we could use Flutter for future clients. It was very clear that a lot of people had an interest in this new technology. That’s why we organized a technical intro for developers of icapps. I gave a workshop on how to get started with Flutter and what I already learned with the technology and the Dart language.


We thought it would be nice to also create a video about the new technology. This way we could provide other developers outside of icapps extra insight into what we did.

De laatste weken zijn we druk bezig geweest met het testen van Google's meest recente cross-platforme technolgie: Flutter. Onze conclusies? Daarvoor laten we graag het woord aan onze Flutter experten Koen Van Looveren and Wouter Martens…

Geplaatst door icapps op Maandag 6 mei 2019


After getting some feedback on the video we knew there was a lot of interest in how we approached the proof of concept. So icapps contacted Flutter Belgium to organize a new meetup where we could talk more in depth about the proof of concept itself. This was my first presentation in English so it was already an extra challenge for me. But overall I think it went very well. We got a lot of good questions and feedback.

If you attended the meetup, please let me know what your thoughts were about the presentation on LinkedIn.

Flutter meetup page
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