Innovation is a very important part of my learning experience. Learning a new technology gives you new insight into certain ways of working. I think you should never stop looking for a better solution. Because while you are searching. You will find other information that will help you to build better applications. Applications you are building today. It could be possible to have a perfect workflow. You can build features without any problem. But what if you could build features without any problem but still 1/3 quicker because another technology has a faster development flow?


Flutter for me was one of these technologies. Google built a cross-platform framework to build beautiful apps, FAST. After working with the technology I saw instantly that Flutter is something to watch out for. Because this is still an early product there are still a lot of improvements. Nothing that time won’t fix, I think.

De laatste weken zijn we druk bezig geweest met het testen van Google's meest recente cross-platforme technolgie: Flutter. Onze conclusies? Daarvoor laten we graag het woord aan onze Flutter experten Koen Van Looveren and Wouter Martens…

Geplaatst door icapps op Maandag 6 mei 2019