AR Experience

January 14, 2019

Creating an AR app is something completely different than creating a common mobile app. The design and UX are completely different because the user basically interacts with an object that does not exist.

The app

The app is actually quite simple. You open the app and you can walk around. You have to scan a poster or image hanging on the wall. When an image has recognized a video or other image is played over the previous poster.

AR Core

AR Core is the AR framework provided by Google. You can use it to build Android apps in Java or Kotlin and iOS apps in Objective C or Swift. They even give you the option to build your app in Unity or with the UnReal game engine.


While building a simple application, an extra backend service would mean I also had to add an extra layer of complicity. Firebase is the perfect solution to get up and running very fast while getting a reliable backend service. For this application, I only used the Cloud Firestore database.

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Koen Van Looveren

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