Bike Point

April 21, 2019

I started cycling around 8 months ago. We do this with 3 friends and most of our trips are around 60 – 70 km. We use “fietsknooppunten” ( to plan our trips. The disadvantage is that we needed to bring a piece of paper where we wrote where we need to go to. This could be better right?

The app

We wanted something that could guide us more easily without stopping every 5 minutes to check if we are still on track. My friend and I both have a Wear OS watch so I could write something that could show us where we need to go to. I started by building an Android app for our phone so we could create the route first. After we created the route we could load it on our watch. The watch app would.

The watch app

The app on the watch is what was most important. We wanted something that was easy to use but also was very pretty. A single tap would show you the next point you need to drive to. Double tap would go back and triple tap will show the map with your complete route. So it is easy to find your way back when you missed a point or went the wrong direction.

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Koen Van Looveren

A passionate Android developer always looking for the next Big Thing. Working hard to deliver beautifull and quality apps.