Bingel Raket

September 9, 2017

With Bingel Raket students can do extra exercises with the Tablet app. The teacher can also use an app to check the results of the students. I worked on this project at icapps.

Tablet app

For Van In we created 2 tablet applications. One for the students and another one for the teachers. Teachers can revision the exercises that the students made. This was one of my first projects at icapps so I learned a lot with this project. Using the camera was something I had never worked with. I love animations and because the app is for students we added some subtle animations. This made the user experience a lot better.


Although Android provides native support for Chromebooks, the apps crashed on startup. We investigated the issue and found that Chromebooks only have a front faceing camera which is the second camera. Because no first camera was found the app crashed. We fixed this by adding a custom implementation for Chromebook.

Image recognition

Students can scan a page from the book they are using. If the page is recognized extra exercises will be given to the user.

Bingel Students App
Bingel Techers App

Van In – icapps

At icapps, we usually write a complete study case after a project. Interested? Click the icapps logo below.

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This is a project from icapps. I worked on this project while working for icapps. All rights reserved for icapps. This is purely for my personal portfolio. Want to find out more about icapps?

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