Balance POC

January 2, 2019

When you are starting with a new technology you need a project you want to test it on. For me, I wanted to learn Flutter. Since I was going to the Gym I decided to create a fitness app called Balance.


I started by creating a design I wanted to use for the app. I think the best way to use Flutter is to create a custom design with some Native components for Android and iOS.

The app

For the app, I wanted to test some specific things. To start I wanted to create a custom design with some animations. For animations, I wanted to use layout animations and something like Lottie. For Flutter, 2dimensions created Flare. I also wanted to add Dart and Flutter packages to see if this was easy as well.

Flutter at icapps

For me, it is a no-brainer that Flutter is a technology that we should use icapps. I gave a talk about Flutter at icapps. There was a lot of interest and we even made a proof of concept for icapps. After the proof of concept, we organized a meetup where I talked about the icapps Flutter proof of concept.

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Koen Van Looveren

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