September 4, 2017

Bolero is a trading platform from KBC. At icapps, I am working on this project in maintenance and feature development mode. I have been working on the phone and tablet app.

For Android, we worked with 2 Android developers for maintenance and feature development. Working on a maintenance project give you insight into what you could do better and how you should improve your codebase. Bolero uses a lot of streaming data to make sure the user always has the latest data. When working on a finance project, security is very important that is why Vasco is used for the registration of the user.

Phone App
Tablet app

Bolero – icapps

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This is a project from icapps. I worked on this project while working for icapps. All rights reserved for icapps. This is purely for my personal portfolio. Want to find out more about icapps?

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