May 24, 2019

FibriCheck is a medically certified screening and monitoring application on prescription for the detection of irregular heart rhythms, including atrial fibrillation. At icapps I worked as a consultant for Fibricheck.


FibriCheck is a software-only solution that only requires the user to place his/her finger on the camera of the smartphone to measure the cardiac rhythm anywhere and anytime. All the information is automatically shared with a medical professional in order to get a faster diagnosis, resulting in an adequate treatment plan.

Fibricheck located at the Corda campus in Hasselt. With a relatively small team, Fibricheck is working hard to deliver a quality app to screen and monitor people for irregular heart rhythms.


I love to meet new people who are dedicated to delivering a quality app. At Fibricheck I got the opportunity to work on new features with a dedicated team. At Firbicheck SCUM is used. This means we had a standup every day. Because frontend, backend, and mobile would attend the standup it was easy to tackle issues.


This is a project from icapps. I worked on this project while working for icapps. All rights reserved for icapps. This is purely for my personal portfolio. Want to find out more about icapps?

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