Git It

April 29, 2018

Git It is a platform that manages all my git repositories. I compare it to my self-made Github/Bitbucket/Gitlab solution. I host all my private repositories on my Synology NAS. The drawback for me was that there was no user interface to manage all my repositories. I build my own repo manager so it is easy to create new repositories and clone them in automatically in Sourcetree.


Creating a repository was previously executing 10 shell commands. To make my life more comfortable I created a bash script that could create a new repository in a couple of seconds. The problem with this solution was that when getting a new device I had to transfer that same script. This is not ideal. So I started building a platform that could create a new repository from any device, even from my phone.

Source Tree Integration

While I was creating this platform I was thinking of some other features that would be nice to implement as well. I always use Sourcetree to clone my repositories and manage my local repositories on my Mac and PC. I build Sourcetree integration this platform. With one click on the download button, Sourctree will clone the repo for you.


Adding ssh keys always had to be done manually in the past. Also when I wanted to remove an ssh key I had to be looking through all the added keys to make sure I was not removing the wrong key. I figured out I could add the keys with a script and eventually I was able to add the functionality to my Git It platform. At this point, I can add and remove ssh keys. Each key is identified by the name that was given when entering a new ssh key.

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