May 5, 2017

During my internship at 3factr, I built a web app that would handle analytics and crashes for Xamarin project at 3factr.

I have completed my Internship at 3factr. After a couple of months, I have finished the logging platform for analytics and crash logging for Xamarin applications. 3factr needed a solution to a missing similar problem. They asked to design and build the application itself. This included the backend with Nodejs, frontend with angular 4 and the SDK in Xamarin.


Because Xamarin is a cross-platform technology it had to work for iOS and Android. It was important to implement a caching system to make sure all the logs are sent to our platform.

This is a project from 3factr. I worked on this project while working for icapps. All rights reserved for 3factr. This is purely for my personal portfolio. Want to find out more about 3factr?

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