January 11, 2019

Monizze is a company that provides meal, gift and eco vouchers. You can pay with your card shop and grocery stores that support Monizze. If you want to check your balance you need the app to do so. But this is not the only thing the app does. I worked on this project at icapps. While implementing new features I worked closely with the backend developers at Monizze.

The app

You would think why would you create an app only to check your balance. For Monizze users it is easy to check your balance while also check for nearby restaurants or stores that support your Monzize card. In the version, I worked on I implemented a new view for merchant info that includes opening hours as well. While you can use your Monizze card in a lot of grocery stores, you could also pay in a restaurant with Monizze. In this new version, Monizze chooses to add 2 new ways to find a restaurant. First of all, I implemented a filter so you can find restaurants and stores much quicker. Secondly, I added a section where the user could order something to eat with SkipQ or other food delivery services.


Monizze – icapps

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