Niddler UI

March 28, 2018

Niddler is a plugin for Android/Java/Swift/Dart to intercept your network requests a view them in the standalone jar or in your favorite JetBrains IDE (Android Studio, Intelij, …).

Niddler caches your network requests and responses and exposes them over a WebSocket connection. The Niddler UI is the WebSocket client that listens and displays the cached network requests and responses.

I have been working on a very small part of the debugger and the device selection box. Niddler works with an auto-discovery function. If you had 2 applications running with Niddler you could only select one of the applications. This was fixed by redesigning the device selection box.

OkHttp is required to use Niddler. This is because Niddler gives us an interceptor from OkHttp. If you want to get started with Niddler and want to implement it in your own apps you can use the following links?

Niddler (Android)
Niddler UI

This is a project from icapps. I worked on this project while working for icapps. All rights reserved for icapps. This is purely for my personal portfolio. Want to find out more about icapps?

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