October 15, 2018

Riddle is a library you can import in your project to send your logs to the Riddle app. The Riddle app will be available soon. An overlay will be shown in Android where you can view all the logs by your app. You can also filter on certain parameters.


I started this project because I wanted a logging system without having my laptop with me. Testing with clients is not always easy, the debugger was not connected or you are using multiple devices with multiple logs. Using the system overlay to view all the logs for a given application was the easiest fix to this problem.

Network Interceptor

Not only logs are interesting to intercept. Also, network requests and responses are interesting while debugging an issue on multiple devices. I added the network requests and responses to the system overlay. This implementation was based on Niddler. There are still some improvements that have to be made for better performance.


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Koen Van Looveren

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