Wijkwerking Mariaburg

April 6, 2017

“Wijkwerking Mariaburg” has a website for a couple of years now. The problem was that it was very hard to add new articles. The website was built with WordPress and the Divi Builder. I tried my best to rewrite the WordPress structure while still keeping the design that was used before.


The website itself was already written in WordPress. A Divi theme was used to get everything working with the Divi Builder. WordPress itself is very customizable but it also has a very good structure if you want to build your own WordPress theme. That is what I did to make it more easy for “Wijkwerking Mariaburg” to manage the website itself.

Custom Post Types

WordPress has something called: custom post types. By default, you can only see Posts and Pages. If you want you can create all posts and pages with the default theme. But if you do it this way, you will quickly see that you can not organize your posts or pages. Custom post types are the perfect solution to structure your WordPress theme. For this website, I created four extra custom post types. I created one for the “Mariaburgse Feesten” so everything was organized in the same section. If you want to add new posts for the “Mariaburge Feesten” you can easily see where you have to add this post. I created another one for activities an one for news.


I found that there were a lot of plugins that could help us to make it even more easy to add new pages. We used Advanced Custom Fields to handle custom fields on a post. This plugin only costs about 25 euro but every cent is worth it. I use it for my personal website as well.

Wijkwerking Mariaburg Website
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